About us

Executive and stewards

This is your 2014 executive:

President:  Martin Buchanan, P. Eng.
Vice-president:  Kevin Chieu
Secretary:  Halley McLaren
Treasurer:  Dorin Stochitoiu, P. Eng.
Chief Steward:  David Briere, P. Eng.


Sal Taft
Richard Cohen
Marin Banu
Vajira Sarathchandra


PEPSA CUPE 4559 Special Committees


  • 2 to 5 persons on a committee, VP is an exofficio member


Special Job Evaluation Committee  –  Kevin Chieu, Martin Buchanan, Halley McLaren


Special Constitution Committee – David Briere, Evangeline Cometa


Special Nominating Committee     –  Mizanur. Chowdhury, Leo Lam, Joe Favot


Special Pension Committee  – Joe Favot, Scott Hall, NitinBhople


Special Safety Committee Representative –  Aleksandar Orovcanec, Kristen Bushey


Grievance Committee – Executive may be involved and any of the stewards – Jim Belevitch, Marin Banu, Sal Taft, Sorin Tat, Vajira Sarathchandra


Education – Rick Derin


Negotiations Committee  –  Martin, Kevin, Halley, Dorin


Sick Committee- (Volunteers needed to visit members who are sick)  Evangeline Cometa


Social Committee- Martin Buchanan  – Traditionally, the AGM is the major event held by PEPSA CUPE 4559 each year

What we do

PEPSA CUPE 4559 endeavours to represent and support our members


  • organize the input of our members
  • advance social, economic and general welfare
  • defend and add to rights
  • improve wages, working conditions, job security and other conditions of all workers and the pensions and benefits of retirees
  • promote efficiency in our workplace
  • eliminate any kind of harassment and discrimination